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September 03, 2015
Capital Region Career & Technical School


Career & Tech news from the home page

Career & Tech is a Middle States accredited and NYSED approved school offering more than 40 programs of study for high school and adult students at campuses in Albany (Colonie) and Schoharie and several off-campus locations.


Please take note: The first day of classes at CTE is Sept. 9. 


News, articles & more

Students to mark 9/11
with essays, reflections at
New York State Museum

On the 14th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, high school seniors in the New Visions: Law & Government class will discuss the impact of the terrorst attacks while surrounded by artifacts in the New York State Museum's "The World Trade Center: Rescue Recovery Response" exhibition.
Read More

Middletown paper promotes
adult education offerings

Follow the link to the Times Journal website. Read More

Teaching job skills includes a clear connection on appropriate cell phone usage  

When you are waiting for your mechanic to finish your car, you don't want to see him or her carry on a 15-minute conversation on a cell phone.

Likewise, a welder under deadline to complete a job who is making $40-an-hour can't stop working to carry on a half-hour texting conversation. Read More

Nursing grad credits BOCES with her success, being a 'family'   

"When you go to BOCES you feel like a family not part of an institution."

So said Colleen Rose Tarrats, a 2015 graduate of the adult nursing program at Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School who passed the national certification exam this summer and is starting a career as an LPN now. Read More

For this new teacher, BOCES  is about life coming 'full circle'   

In 1991 and 1992, Chris Shader learned the art of painting and repairing cars damaged in auto accidents from Dan Bush, then a fairly new teacher at Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE). Read More

2015-16 student handbook is now available online      

Follow the link to a PDF of the document that includes info on students regulations and more. Read More

CTE intern and grad to join to western wildland firefighting effort     

From filing to forest firefighting. That is the transition for 2013 Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) and Schalmont High School graduate Hunter Morris who left the region on Tuesday to do battle with the western wildfires. Read More

Grad Profile:
CTE is 'tough' but worth it according student of the year     

The Cosmetology Program at Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) is a 'tough program', but one that prepares you well for the future. Read More

Grad Profile:
CTE and BKW graduate pursues degree at Cazenovia College    

As a young high school student, she thought she wanted to enter the world of runways, designs and high fashion, but she wasn't sure.  Then she attended Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) and her future became clear. Read More

Grad Profile: CTE graduate plans to style her way to a journalism degree   

For 2015 Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) graduate Samantha Flavell, earning her state certifications in cosmetology was just a means to achiever grander things in life. Read More

CTE faculty spend summer preparing for the coming year   

It may be summer vacation, but the hazy, lazy days of summer have not been so lazy for faculty members of the Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE). Read More

Fall open houses announced   

Parents and the community are invited to see what the Capital Region BOCES Career & Technical School (CTE) has to offer learners of all ages and talents at Fall open houses. Read More

Residential electrical course offered for Capital Region adults  

Capital Region BOCES is providing a "shocking" new offering for adults interested in learning about residential electrical trades. Read More

CTE announes start of the school year  

Classes will start at the Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) on September 9. Read More

From welder to engineer via Career and Tech school   

A graduate of the welding program at Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) will follow his passion to SUNY Morrisville in the fall where he will pursue a degree in engineering. Read More

New York State School Board's Association runs a photo of summer cosmetology students    

Follow the link to the pdf and scroll down. Read More

BOCES, CTE experts share expertise with European educators   

A group of educators from several European countries toured the Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) Albany campus on Thursday, where BOCES and CTE officials shared their knowledge of cooperative education, social media and overcoming the middle skills jobs gap. Read More

Grad Profile: CTE graduate finds his welding future on the high seas  

For Eric Gibson-Reese, a 2015 graduate of Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School, attending CTE was the first stop on a career pathway that includes the U.S. Navy and a future as his own boss. Read More

Grad Profile:
CTE is a means to re-opening a family business for this Colonie grad 

For 2015 Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) graduate Logan Bryda, his future can be found in his family's past. Read More

The Troy Record reports on the fashion
show at Colonie Center involving fashion class

Follow the link to the Record website. Read More

From forklift operator to electrical basics, Capital Region
BOCES CTE offers shocking, uplifting new adult courses

Capital Region BOCES is offering multiple new courses during the 2015-16 school year for adult students. Read More

More news can be found here:

2015-16 school year archive, 2014-15 school year archive  or here.

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Weather-related closings

In the event of inclement weather, students and their parents/guardians should follow school closing information provided by their home high schools. Students' home school districts determine whether or not to transport students, end their day early or close their high school campuses.  Adult students should watch the media for school closings; their classes are cancelled if the Capital Region BOCES Career & Technical School is closed.


The Capital Region BOCES Career & Technical School offers careers without limits for students of all ages, abilities, interests, and backgrounds. In the 21st century workplace, careers have no gender. Start your future here today!




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Parents' Bill of Rights

The Parents' Bill of Rights is now available, a posting required by the New York State Board of Education. Click here to open the document in PDF format.


Capital Region BOCES testing transparency report

You may view the report by clicking here.

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